• Self-Service Training for AfrAsia employees

    Kertios consultants have conducted a 2-weeks training for AfrAsia Bank during which the main methods of work with Oracle HCM Cloud Self-Service were reviewed. Employees have studied many system functions, including how to review and change main self information and information about subordinates, create and edit goals, fill performance documents, review information about bonuses, add available benefits, use functionality of Learning and Recruiting modules.

    During these 2 weeks there were trained  more than 350 employees, who can successfully apply acquired knowledges in their everyday work.


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  • Kertios Consulting congratulates the French team for winning the World Cup!

    Employees of Kertios Consulting, together with millions of fans from all over the world, were actively watching the matches of the World Cup in Russia, held from June 14 to July 15, and periodically cheered on favorite teams even at work place with all our friendly team.

    And since we are a branch of the French consulting company Kertios, which main office is located in Paris, we are especially pleased to congratulate the French team with a convincing victory in the World Championship and thank all players for the bright and beautiful game!

    Also we can not fail to note the excellent performance of the Russian team, which will undoubtedly go down in history of football in our country forever!

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  • Go-live of Leaning Management and Recruitment modules in AfrAsia Bank

    Kertios Consulting continues the realization of big project for Oracle HCM Cloud implementation in AfrAsia Bank (Mauritius). On the 2nd of July, simultaneous Go-live of two new modules took place: for Learning Management based on Oracle Learning Cloud and for Recruitment Module based on Oracle Taleo Recruitment system which perfectly supplemented two other modules (Core HR and Performance Management) that have been early implemented and already are used in work of the Bank. Now Learning system is actively filled by Learning content. And new Recruitment system is already used for search and  hiring of new employees. Meanwhile the second Phase of the project is continuing and the preparations are made for Key Users Training and UAT of “Talent Management” and “Compensation and Benefits”.

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  • Go-live of new Oracle version in Michelin Russia

    1th of July Michelin Russia migrated to new Oracle OeBS R12.2 within global Michelin solution. Kertios Consulting has been working on this project since last summer and has been supporting implementation of OeBS R12 localization to meet Russian legal requirements. Project team was based in the nice city of Clermont Ferrand in the center of France which allowed our team to discover this beautiful region covered with old volcanoes.

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  • Go-Live of Core HR module in AfrAsia company

    On the First of April 2018 Kertios team successfully launched the first part of the project consisting in the implementation of Core HR module of the Oracle HCM Cloud system in AfrAsia bank.  But this is only the first step in the realization of this widespread project. In the coming months, it is planned to launch the modules of Performance, Learning and Recruitment on which our consultants are working actively at present.

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  • Start of the Second Phase of the project in AfrAsia Bank

    At the end of February a new Phase of the project on implementation of different modules of the Oracle HCM Cloud system in AfrAsia Bank has been started. The first modules that are planned to be launched in July 2018 in the frameworks of this Phase are Learning and Recruitment. In coming weeks Kertios consultants will organize the CRP demo sessions during which the main requirements to the future system will be discussed with customers.

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  • Training for AfrAsia Bank

    Kertios consultants have conducted the training on usage of Oracle HCM Cloud system for employees of Mauritius Bank AfrAsia.  At the end of the six-day training, that included theoretical but also a considerable practical part, all Key Users have received the certificates about passing the educational course.

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  • Happy New Year 2018!

    Kertios Consulting wishes you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas!

     We live in a world that is changing very fast and 2018 will probably accelerate this tempo again ! This will push and motivate us to stay at the crest of innovation to find improved practices in order to increase the value of our services! In 2018, may all your goals be achieved and all your projects be realized successfully!

    But at the same time it’s very important to live respecting traditions, sharing common values and finding harmony. We hope that you will be able to spend the coming days with your family and the people who are important to you. We wish you and them strong health, happiness and all the best for the coming 12 months!

    Let 2018 year bring you a lot of happy events and positive emotions, and make sure that success accompanies you every day!

    With our kindest wishes,

    Kertios Consulting team.

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  • Team diner for Froneri Go-live

    On the 5th of December Kertios Consulting and Steltix have organized a Team diner with participation of Froneri Global and Local teams to celebrate the JD Edwards E1 Go-live that took place in the first day of the winter. All teams have been very pleased to spend time in a friendly atmosphere after several months of close collaboration and great common work. There are still many tasks ahead but the most important step has been already done!

    Below you can see some photos from this event:


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  • Autumn corporate meeting of Kertios Consulting

    In the beginning of November an ordinary corporate meeting of Kertios Consulting took place. After discussion of main results achieved in the last half year and determining goals for the next period, a special master class of curling game has been organized for our team and we’ve played two ends. The winner has been determined in the very end of the game after persistent struggle! 🙂

    Below you can find a small photoreport from this event:

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